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3 min readOct 29, 2020

By. Tavon Hamlet

What’s happening in Nigeria is devastating and the world must pay attention to the turmoil in the east. Over the past three decades, the Nigerian government has repeatedly vowed to destroy the habits of a police force that is corrupted and brutal but never did. Will this country ever see peace? SARS is dangerous and ruthless in recent news there has been disturbing videos of children being targeted, peaceful protestors, and innocent bystanders all being murdered while the government and the world sit around and wait. So here’s what you could learn about EndSars and how to help or support.

  1. SARS has been demonstrating brutal and corrupt tactics since 1992. The recent protest with the youth has been ongoing for two weeks now. Although the youth have been peaceful the police unit has responded poorly with violence.
  2. Protestors have been raised their demand for police reform, government reform, and the end of SARS. Anku Omede spoke on the situation and stated;

“I think the movement will define political consciousness. It will lead to a higher turnout in 2023…” Anku says, “It is years of ongoing social trauma caused by inadequate healthcare systems and institutions of education, systemic corruption, nepotism, electoral fraud, poverty and more… The EndSARS movement was the tipping point.”

3. Young people under 30 make up more than 40% of Nigeria’s population. They face severe hardship and chronic unemployment. The young have made up the numbers in the protest and their voices have been loud and heard so have their actions. Taking action and no longer accepting what their government has done to their oil-riched country.

4. Nigerian army and police killed at least 12 peaceful protesters on Oct. 20 at two locations in Lagos. The rights group says the killings took place at Alausa and Lekki, both suburbs of Lagos. After videos of thousands of protestors, sitting peacefully news about a massacre spread throughout the world.

5. You can help by learning and paying attention to the country, share the news or your voice on the situation, and just staying informed. Yemisi Adegoke is a BBC Africa journalist She’s been providing key resources, updates and more via her Twitter account, @Briticoyemo.

The Feminist Coalition was established in July 2020 by a group of Nigerian women fighting for gender equality. During the protests, they’ve done everything to help the people from informing everyone to providing food, health aid, and helping with legal aid. You can keep up with them and help by donating or spreading the word.



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