By. T. Hamlet

R&B never died or needed saving, there’s a lot of great talent and voices but the hype around r&b might have. More listeners and consumers gravitated to the pop or the autotune rap community but that didn’t stop the talent. Searching for new artists is a thing I do weekly, recently I heard the IDK & Friends 2 project and heard Alex Vaughn voice demand my attention. It was something powerful coming from the speakers that made me stop in mid-sentence to listen to what she was saying.

Alex Vaughn is a PG kid, she attended Suitland high school where her dreams of being great where becoming reality. There she was trained classically but she kept her inspirations high and made an easy transition to R&B. She’s a true creative with multiple talents she plays piano, has the vocals, writes, produces music, and models. Her visual for “Needs” are climbing almost at 5k views, it displays Alex in a calm environment mixing her hanging clothes and exploring the outdoors. The opposite of her visuals for “Anymore” which showed her in a party scene and her tone was very aggressive in this track. Alex recently dropped two singles “Burn” & “It’ll all be over soon” both displaying her strong vocals and skills, she sings and you listen. I’m curious to see what’s next for the singer and what she produces next. You can watch and listen to her recent tracks below.

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